he's a problem... @sizzletron

"Critics questioned Bennet’s credentials when then-Gov. Bill Ritter (D) appointed him in 2009 to replace Ken Salazar, who became Interior secretary. Bennet, then Denver schools superintendent, had little political experience.

In 2010, Bennet defeated Republican Ken Buck in one of the country’s most expensive races. "


OH, did I mention Dominion Voting Systems U.S. headquarters is in Colorado?

@sizzletron Ezra isn’t a conspiracy nut. So yeah, this is exactly what we all knew was happening.

Idiots kept telling me masks eliminated the flu and regular seasonal corona.

"The MODERNA vaccine has 40 trillion mRNA molecules PER VACCINE DOSE. 40 TRILLION." - Dr. Charles Hoffe

If anyone was wondering if there was enough active agent to do serious damage to your body...

Deadly Blood Clots Develop In 62% of People Receiving COVID Vaccine

Fauci knew it was a slow death sentence.


β€ŽFactCheckVaccine.com: Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon β€œThe Thing To Be Terrified Of Is Your Government" - The Highwire [June 14, 2021] on Apple Podcasts


@sizzletron any sensible person sees this as a win. Only a cry baby libtard would rather protect the rights of the criminal than the victim.
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