If a third jab is going to be required, that means all the people who were "fully" vaccinated are no longer so, and will in fact become overnight 33.3333% LESS vaccinated.🤣

People making jokes about the Facebook services going down make me sick. Anyone who was using an Oculus headset at the time is currently trapped in VR, and if they die there then they die in real life.

There are thousands of young moms in my area who are now forced to pay attention to the road.

Now would be a good time for Facebook execs to sit quietly and think about what they have done.

You know that scene from What About Bob, when his therapist’s house explodes, and the neighbors are watching from a rowboat, telling “Burn!!!!” and cackling maniacally?

What is the origin of the "F cancer" clip played on the show? I can't make heads or tails of it, to me it sounds like ducks and geese fighting...

When I think about the election shenanigans that seem to be the norm now, I remember a conversation I overheard among the “cool kids” in high school:

“We can’t have a vote for the prom song. It would be ‘Stairway to Heaven’ every year.”

What if the iOS v14.8 Apple zero-day fix is really the privacy-invading crap they weren't gonna install until v15?

You see what you people have done to me?!?

Correct me if I have this wrong:

For statistical purposes, a "hospitalization" is an instance where a person is IN a hospital for ANY reason, and they are given a PCR non-test, calibrated to the standard of the week, that finds something in their system that matches a fictional frankenvirus?

Project management wisdom suggests you can pick any TWO out of Good, Fast, or Cheap, you just can't have all three.

Given the chance to pick two, the pharma companies chose Fast.

John and Adam covered this Thursday, but all the context about clear communication makes it so much funnier:

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