This is correct. Been saying this from the start. We do not touch, reuse, pull down, pocket masks. Just like gloves, we don't drag the same gloves around. Masks are not for respiratory viral control. Public masking is ineffective and by now, we have all seen the data to show that

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I pasted this to the ceiling above my bed so it is the first thing I see every morning when I wake up.
we all need motivation.

Leaving the birthing center of the hospital now.

The doctor said "I'm technically supposed to read your this covid19 safety stuff before you go."

I sarcastically said "we're shooting this baby up with a covid19 vaccine every day for the rest of his life."

The doctor literally said "well, thats where we're headed if Pfizer and Moderna have their way."

The healthcare industry is awake.

Anyone wanting to access the Troll Room from a real IRC client instead of a web-based you go:

Feedback welcome, especially from the Dudes Named Ben/Dudettes Named Bernadette who may know better.

Homeschool in the morning. Roaring fire. Kid doing research without much assistance. Cup of tea.

In a little while we'll brave the bad weather and meet some other kids at the park.

Homeschooling is pretty awesome.

In remember the fear of another ice age in elementary school!🥶

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