101.8 fever. Think the dang coof got me!

@john @thedonnerd I thought I might it had it. Muscle aches and some things tasted weird, some chest pains and tightness.

So I did what I always do when I'm sick, I ignored it and it just went away.
@shebang @john I don't think I've had it. We've had several family members that have had it, but only 1 that was so sick they had to be in the hospital. Thankfully everyone's fully recovered.

@john Get well quickly! My wife had it a few months ago and was ok in 3 days with no meds except NyQuil and DayQuil. Your results may vary!
Praying for your speedy recovery 🙏


Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you've seen the regime of vitamins to take. Let us know of ya need anything. I can overnight ya some stuff

@Tinyhouse4life you rock, thanks. I'm stocked on horse medicine and vitamins.

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