My jabbed Uncle has a bad case of the Rona. I've sent him this treatment protocol but I don't think he's willing to try it.

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All we can do is offer. It's up to them to accept our help. Prayers for Uncle

@Tinyhouse4life @john just stopped at the store to pick all of these up. No Rona In our house but one of the kids and moms in our Church has it so we're just being careful.

What's the aversion to trying this? It's just vitamins lol

@AndrewTheGreat @john

They have been propagandized for years that vitamins are worthless and you just pee them out.

@AndrewTheGreat @Tinyhouse4life Unfortunately, many people have been indoctrinated to be opposed to anything that is not handed down from Big Pharma.

"You want me to take vitamins? Conspiracy theorist!"

@john @Tinyhouse4life the brainwashing/propaganda has been very thorough...

Still so weird, it's not like you're suggesting the guy go get a coffee enema or something lol!

@AndrewTheGreat @Tinyhouse4life It's sad people have been discouraged by the government to manage their own health and instead to rely on FDA approved elixirs. Holistic medicine has been effectively stigmatized. Supplementing with essential vitamins is viewed as quack medicine.

This has been a deliberate campaign by the medical industrial complex. This book talks about how they did it

@john @Tinyhouse4life interesting observation today, after taking that stack by mid day I wasn't sneezing, didn't have the sinus pressure behind my eyes, or the runny nose from allergies that I've been dealing with for the last couple of weeks.

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