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My niece was vaccinated a week ago at 10 weeks pregnant.

Today she's in the ER with pulmonary blood clots.

Please pray for her.

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“We must stress the work of the state as a ministry under God (not under the church), and with a negative task in punishing evil and injustice, which means, positively, establishing a law order in which the godly can thrive and prosper.” - R. J. Rushdoony

ITM slaves! It's show day! Won't be able to tune in live today :(

When all Israel saw that the king did not listen to them, the people answered the king, saying,
“What portion do we have in David?
We have no inheritance in the son of Jesse;
To your tents, O Israel!
Now look after your own house, David!”
So Israel departed to their tents.
— 1 Kings 12:16

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@Brycicle I used the Zelenko protocol when I had Covid back in December. I strayed a bit and upped my vit d intake a few days in to 20,000 IU, and used zinc in the form of lozenges. I really felt better after upping the Vit D. Also as a side note I stated using quercitin again to help control allergies during pollen season. I find that a concentrated version called EMIQ works much better than the standard 500mg capsules . Hang in there, and get well.

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"Dalio believes that governments can kill the globally distributed #Bitcoin Network, but he has not commented on how that could be possible."

@Alex_fights writes:

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"Duke university data-What happens when we test both vaccinated and unvaccinated?"

"If we do not strive to be unified in Christ in our vaccine decisions within marriages, then what hope does the Church have to survive this present darkness?"

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The world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit launching in about 3 hours

I asked my HR for an update regarding my religious exemption request and they ignored me. These guys really grind my gears.

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Surprised by my Dr. visit just now. Went in for a minor skin-condition. FIRST thing "got the covid jab?" - "no" Dr. then went through a litany

"It doesn't cause infertility." - "I agree"

"It doesn't make you magnetic" - "I agree"

"It doesn't change your DNA" - "I agree"

"It doesn't inject tracking chips" - "I agree"

Now I'm not totally convinced on a couple of those, but I'm just going along - none of those are the reason I don't want it.

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Fountain 0.2.6 is now live with full index search, better download controls and support for chapters!

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Moe Factz with Adam Curry Episode number 66 "Black Butterfly" -- Adam and Moe bring you a 4 block potluck this week!

My jabbed Uncle has a bad case of the Rona. I've sent him this treatment protocol but I don't think he's willing to try it.

“A man will act on his faith, and, if his faith be humanistic, inevitably his basic standard will be man, not God’s law. He will view the world, not as God’s handiwork, but as his own.” - R. J. Rushdoony

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“In aviation, the pilot and co-pilot never have the same meal [because] if one of them is bad, the other one probably won’t get sick…How does that work if everyone’s vaccinated in the hospital and something’s wrong?” — @adam #noagenda 1373

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