Not gonna lie a lil heartbroken 🥺 karmas a b

People who think Florida is the last hope for liberty are doomed.

Wearing a mask while working out is supremely a terrible idea.

Escaping New England while this tyranny starts creeping. I don’t wanna be stranded in New Hampshire if vaccine mandates occur

The elites don't necessarily agree with the issues they support. The reason the globalists push smoking bans, homosexuality, feminism, wars, debt, slavery reparations, tyranny, illegal immigration, abortion, global warming, vaccines, and the minimum wage is that the ruling class wants to divide and distract the 99%.

Once the ruling powers have turned the US into a Communist country, the useful idiots who supported the elites will be lined up in front of a wall and shot.

ITM slaves!

Another federated home for No Agenda Nation.