Doomsday Plane 75-0125 is cruising into Joint Base Andrews just ahead of the Sept 11 Anniversary and the march that is expected next Wednesday.

Note: This is the only E4 that is hardened to survive an EMP hit.

From my buddy Saturn Lizards: "33 War and Peace - Feat. MC PODFATHER"

I don't think you're gonna catch any birds like this little buddy. Laying inside the feeder may be a bit to obvious

It is time to for us to spread ourselves across the platforms.

Time to Commence!

Let's be honest. This is not an issue because the vaccine is not much more than "spicy water" that will not hurt you unless you have an allergy or sensitivity to the rest of the the ingredients in the jab. The VA workers just need to do their research and make sure they get the proper vaccine.

@MartinDeLaToot get the credit for this term.

So the Democrats have issues with their ability to win in 2022 if all of the election intregity laws pass in the states.

This makes you wonder how damn corrupt have our elections been for the last 250 years.

Can one of our producers verify that the French legislature just passed a law that a citizen can be sent to prison for not having the appropriate papers regarding being vaccinated??? I have not seen the “pool-man” do an Alex Jones type exaggeration in the past, but this seems really extreme for vaccine paperwork.

ITM slaves!

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