and this right here is why you should get your news from a clusterfuck of internet racists, nowhere else will you find the truth these days.
@argo amazing how Kyle can shoot at a leftist mob targeting him and he just happens to hit a pedophile, a wife beater and a burglar.
Almost like they're all pieces of shit or something 🤔
@bronze @argo those people hate cops because they got caught
@bronze @argo

Also think about this, he shot the satanist and burglar in the arm, that took what didn't belong to him. Shot the one who was a strangler in the lung, he tried to steal their breath. Shot the pedophile in the dick and the bullet lodged in his ass and in the back, like he snuck up on the children. Very strange and karmic shots
> if the media did their job

Thats just it. That is their job. Spoon feed the masses whatever they are told to feed them
>If the media did its job

Well that is the problem, its the reason WHY it got covered up.
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