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@Zennblack What gets me is that you know damn well half of these vax shills aren't even vaccinated themselves, just like the White House staff and the manufacturers' CEOs.

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@Zennblack It looks like we've been invaded. Prepare for a storm of troll posts and keep your own blocking finger primed and at the ready. 😁

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Better this than the dirty pics they are gonna get on the covid tracker phone app...

It usually resolves on its own. Or you have a crooked face for life.

Just eat the horsey wormer man.

Its just heart inflammation. So it permanently messes up your heart. So....Shut up and get the shot so you don't kill the vaxd!

Glad there are Jimmy Dores out there who are not asleep. I am still waiting for him to apologize for spitting on Alex Jones though!

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That's why I respect Frontline Doctors. One of them actually did have his license revoked. He was the only doctor in his town in Oregon who stayed open during the outbreak, had no staff get sick and no patients hospitalized and they warned him to quit treating with therapeutics and he refused.

Maybe they should actually try to help by giving out Ivermectin, HCQ and Regeneron? Wonder why they want to keep doing things that don't work?

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