More info to read and study. I don't know if it is all correct, but it should not be suppressed. It should be debated! That is the true scientific process.

Why don't they use the same algorithm that was used to classify covid deaths, to classify vaccine related deaths? Thats all I'm saying...Fair is fair. How can anyone make an informed decision on any of this information when the data is so corrupted?

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HR1/S1 is dead. The Democrats massive voting bill was portrayed by the Dems and their media as the showcase of Biden's Presidency and the test of Democrat power in Congress.

This Hindenburg has now crashed and this very public and humiliating fiasco will have a devastating negative impact on the Biden/Harris administration as long as they remain in power.

It will also do massive damage to the Democratic party in several ways.


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so.. covid spike protein binds ACE2 receptor

covid vax sensitizes immune system against s protein

endogenous ACE2 (angiotensin controlling enzyme) normally binds ACE2 receptor

it's concievable to develop autoimmunity against your own ACE2. hence side effects like blood clots, myocarditois (swelling in the heart) and whatever impact on fertility might happen due to higher levels of ACE2 activity on gonads and placenta

no thanks i'll take my chances with the natural immunity to the whole virus, not just the s protein

hard to believe people put so little thought into this and just comply like obedient slaves

As far as persuasion goes, Scott Adams is probably right about this approach to CRT.

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Chickens now identifying as turkeys so they only get eaten twice a year

I am so jaded, I am suspicious of this event. Hope it goes well...

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@JM @Zennblack

>folks i'm going to raise the fuck out of your taxes and create insane amounts of inflation and debt, but dont worry, we'll give you bread crumbs of what we promised and campaigned on

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Segment re: Indiana Lawsuit to halt vaccinations of kids as unconstitutional, Tucker, June 21, 2021

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