@Zennblack considering bread and circuses are what run the public, it's mind boggling that they keep taking away both.

@icedquinn @Zennblack

I think they want us angry so we act out in a violence. Then they will be able to justify the true police state

@Tinyhouse4life @icedquinn

Yes. Much worse in Australia though. They let it go too far. No choice for them now. We need to form our own parallel society here in the US. Money talks.

@Zennblack @icedquinn

I agree 1000% about the parallel society. I have been planning for that for the last 5 years. I hope others will join me before it's too late.

@Tinyhouse4life @Zennblack @icedquinn We need to be able to survive well OTG. I think it’s our civil duty to be prepared for the worst. Stored food, power backups, etc. I recently got a solar generator which fills the gaps that having no gas fills (and, yes, that DID happen 2 years ago. Big storm- no gas for 4 days).
No one cares if you live or die more than you do.

@Wuz @Zennblack @icedquinn

You'd be surprised how much happier you are living OTG. Before we did it I was terrified. I thought - how am i gonna live without my thing?? It took about 2 weeks to adjust fully. I did not expect to feel such a sense of freedom


@Tinyhouse4life I’m not OTG as a continuous lifestyle, but I can survive OTG should the need arise. You’re right, it does give a sense of freedom. I have no faith that the grid is in good hands, intentionally or not.

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