the 1984 checklist

โœ… TVs spy on you
โœ… everyone to stay at home when not at the factories
โœ… use of language controlled by selective redefining
โœ… infinite reporting of unbeatable enemy justifies why all of the above is necessary

are you feeling it yet mr crabs :blobcathyper:

The word "Folks" distinguishes the speaker from a lower class of people. "Laity" & "Common people" means mediocre- it is a term used to represent the under-educated & unprofessional.

If you're feeling provocative, share this with your local HR team to help correct their latent tendencies towards oppressing groups of people.

Someone posted this on social media and I keep wondering if that was a No Agenda listener?

Covid PSA from a nurse practitioner serving in the shitshow called New York:

This is what you want to get and have on hand in case you can't get tablets. It is dosed correctly. Just dial in your weight and take it once a day for 5 days if you have Covid. You can take it for an additional 5 days if you are still sick. It won't hurt you. If you are REALLY sick then you can take a double dose and it will help you, not hurt you.

Dosage is 0.3mg per kg of body weight, once per day after a meal, for 5 days. You can go lower at 0.2 mg if not at risk or not very sick. You can go 0.4mg per kg if super sick. Example: 80kg person dosage would be 24mg.

Keep an eye on your oxygen level. If your number drops below 90 percent you would benefit from oxygen and nebulizer treatment.

If you can get your doctor to give you a Medrol dose pack and a Z-Pak you are all set. Make sure you drink a lot of fluids and even add some salt to your water to keep your electrolytes up.

I have treated over three hundred patients with Covid over the last six weeks or so and have had about a 99 percent success rate in keeping people out of the hospital. Hospitals here in NY are complete shit show right now. No staff so below capacity but they tell people hospitals are full due to so much Covid. It's actually the lack of treatment from primary care doctors and urgent care combined with no hospital staff that is hurting everyone right now.

James Golden, aka Bo Snerdly, has his OWN radio show now and let me tell you I highly recommend it.

4-5:00PM EST M-F

Rush is looking down upon him and is VERY proud right now.

If you know any liberals in the LGBTQ, just say LGBTQ stands for Letโ€™s Go Brandon, Trump & Q, see if they lose their shit.

The #USA is becoming a third world country but nobody notices because we're too busy arguing about pronouns and school curriculums

The Library
Biden nominee Saule Omarova on the oil, gas, and coal industries:

"We want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate changeโ€

Raytheon is approving religious exemptions. I feel bad for those who quit prematurely.

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