I saw this on pinterest and thought it was a good idea so gave it a try. I fill the suet feeder with kitchen scraps and hang it for the chickens to peck on all day. They love it

The truth matters. The lock downs compromised most peoples immune systems, especially children.

Death isn’t the worst thing. Death without Christ is the worst thing. Believe. Repent. Rest.

Trying out a new recipe tonight. I guess I'd call it a vegetarian tostada??
Ya got a corn tostada with refried beans, shredded cheddar, homemade guacamole, homemade slaw and fresh from the garden peach salsa.

My first try at a cloche made of grapevine. It's a little cock eyed but it will do the job which is to protect tender plants in the spring from chickens and to hold sheets off the plants when we have an unexpected frost

Awesome this story claims the more vaccines that are administered the more chance the most deadly variant us coming and it's the one everyone has predicted that will wipe out a massive proportion of mankind


Garlic butter steak......I melt a couple of pads of 'real' butter with a tsp of garlic....then pour on top of steak during the last few minutes before steak leaves the skillet. Then pour a little of the steak drizzle in the pan on the plate for the fries to soak up.

For the sayers who say “nay” when told the vax does contain graphene oxide.

The last few days have been scorching. Thankfully we have normal temps returning for the next week before we have to deal with another round of 100° days.

Just killed another snake in the chicken coop. That's 2 this year. Before this, never had issues with snakes. Yuck!

Macaroni salad made using some of this mornings garden harvest. I love this time of year. There's something about eating food fresh from the garden that is just magical

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This is my strawberry mother plant. She has never produced a single berry but just this year has produced 8 baby strawberry plants. Babies are thriving and will most likely produce berries for me next year.

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Mums are gonna bloom early this year. This particular plant has gotten huge. Anyone every divide and transplant these? Any advice on how and when would be appreciated

Hubby's favorite coleus. I cut these before they flower, bring them inside and root them for the next year. These are cuttings from a plant I bought in the $1 clearance at Lowe's a few years ago.

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Sweet banana pepper, part of the 2nd of 3 waves of peppers to be harvested

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Today's garden photos:

The garden veggies are starting to come in. Everything is small. I assume it's the heat.

Donating my old pillows to the kitties for their new suitcase cat beds so I bought me and hubby new pillows today. Can't wait to try them out. Gonna take a bath and go to bed early tonight.

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