Social Engineering: Use of propaganda by a government to sway perceptions and attitudes of its own citizenry.

🎯 The Covid 19 Takeover.

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Too many people are becoming the very thing they claim to hate. I don't wish death on anyone.

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It is a sin to keep silent when it is your duty to speak out.
Abraham Lincoln.

Dr. Kelly Victory has been the chief medical officer for Walgreens, Continental Airlines and Harrah's. She's is a mass casualty expert and has 15 years experience as a trauma surgeon. She's one of the clearest voices on Covid and is often on The John Phillips Show on KABC radio in Los Angeles. They have archived shows on the website.

I love the lens flare on the river picture. I have never seen it do that before! It looks like a filter

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There was not much leaf color to been seen on our Parkway drive yesterday. Peak viewing is a litte late this year. Another anomaly, for the first time in my life, the apples were sparse. My guys usually have upwards of 20 apple varieties. This year he only had maybe 8. At least we got a few pretty pictures and enjoyed our time together. I think mom and I will sneak back up later in the week to for peak leaf viewing.

Hubby started a new job today. He's worked for himself for over 20 years. The last 2 years the phone has not stopped ringing. He needs a break from people and from driving 100 miles a day. The new job is on a farm and its only 8 miles away from home.

Today we are taking our annual drive on the blue ridge parkway to admire the fall leaf color. A tradition is to pick apples, pumpkins and have a picnic. This year I am going to try a new recipe. I have an abundance of figs from the summer stored in the freezer

Fig and Apple Chutney

Today I was cutting a path thru the woods near the chicken coop. I found 3 huge persimmon trees loaded with 100s of persimmons!

You know it's a Sunday when you shower only to put pajamas back on

ITM Gimo. Cold front pushed through last night and left a beautiful clear morning. Have a great day.... unless you have other plans!

Your dose for today:

Fall is a great time to prepare a vegetable garden bed from scratch. The weather is great, the exercise, sun, air and food is fantastic for you.

Do it while chanting "Let's go Brandon" your spirits will instantly be lifted.

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