ITM. New here. Saying hello from the desert Southwest

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@Clay10MTB ITM! I'm in the New Mexico sector of Gitmo Nation.

@john I’m currently working between Farmington and Gallup. But, changing jobs since my current employer will be compelling Covid injections.

@Clay10MTB Cool! I'm about to lose my bookmobile librarian job with the state library for the same reason.

@john NM has been hard to deal with through all this. I was a fire fighter/paramedic in Angel Fire for awhile and it was crazy watching the health dept fudge the numbers almost daily

@Clay10MTB I'm not surprised. Bunch of scum there in Santa Fe. If things get a lot worse here I may jump ship across the border to TX, maybe Lubbock. Either that or the officials here in Quay county stand up and refuse to go along with any of their fake pandemic restrictions any longer.

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