@vriska Most doctors can't be trusted any more and the good ones are quickly filling up with patients... It really is a tricky situation. It's possible that this could lead to the changes in healthcare many people have fought for for a while now. Cheaper insulin, maybe? Answers and testing instead of throwing you on Oxy and charging you an arm and a leg? Fuck the system.

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@Kalvo Personally I think we're between stages 1 and 2 still. There are hints of stage 3 in all walks of life, and I have seen some stage 4 on the MSM, but... I don't think genocide is right around the corner by any means. If anything, a whole bunch of vaxxed people are about to start dying in the next few years.

@Humpleupagus Well of course... You aren't really vaccinated if the vaccine didn't work, right? Heck, everyone who says they're vaccinated but still contracted Covid are obviously liars.

It is crazy to me that people who live by cliches, listen to rock and roll, and think of liberalism as the ultimate way to live are trusting establishments that have done nothing but show us that they shouldn't be trusted literally every time they make a "major" decision.
So, I'm "fighting back" by not taking this vaccine. If the Covid variants some day in the future appear to be much more deadly than the current weak bioweapon, I will consider taking a vaccine.
But the trick is obvious. (3/3)

The problem is the government and Big Pharma telling me what to do.
Brainwashing my friends, family, and coworkers in a scary 1984 style.
The problem is what is possibly coming.
And the naivety and ignorance displayed by all of those mentioned above is concerning, and follows a close historical trend with what happened to the public in Germany in the 20's and 30's. (2/3)

The vaccine probably works. It probably works very well. And even though there are plenty of recent reports that suggest that the vaccine is NOT working, the science behind it is absolutely amazing. The problem is, I don't need it. Not for Covid 19.
I am not at all afraid of Covid 19.
No one who is capable of rational thought is, either. (1/3)

@Jdogg247 I'm not taking any of them. Covid isn't a disease worth vaccinating against, for me personally. Also Comirnaty sounds really like Co-morbidity.

1. Masks don't do anything.
2. You can't be a good role model to children and a brainless slave at the same time.
3. Clowning gig? So you're going to speak on a political stage then? xD

ITM slaves!

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