Sailboat with C.S. Johnson hardware
Deck with C.S. Johnson Hardware
Small sailboats with C.S. Johnson Hardware
House with C.S. Johnson Cable Rails
Closeup of sailboat with C.S. Johnson Hardware
House using C.S. Johnson Hardware
Rear view of sailboat with C.S. Johnson Hardware
Country house using C.S. Johnson cable rails
SAIL Magazine Boatworks Bailout  

Boatworks BailoutBoatWorks Magazine, a sister publication of SAIL Magazine, recently sponsored a contest to completely restore a readers boat. The lucky reader was Mr. John Smith and his boat is a 1980 Ericson 34’.

The bulk of the restoration was handled by Waterlines in Portsmouth, RI. The standing rigging, running rigging, and lifeline fabrication were handled by Kevin Montague of North East Rigging Systems LLC. in Boston, MA.

Johnson Marine provided the lifeline and standing rigging hardware. Please peruse the photos below and see Kevin work his magic with Johnson Marine hardware.

You can learn more at SAIL Magazine's BOATWORKS website by clicking here.

North East Rigging



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